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SAYYAL KARAN KAVIR YAZD Company started its commercial activity in 2007 due to the announcement of the need by the officials of water and sewage departments in relation to the internal construction and localization of branching systems (Hot Tap) and with the support of the Minister of Energy Time started to make steel clamps and was able to be the first manufacturer of this equipment in Iran to take a short step in reducing fresh water loss.

SAYYAL KARAN KAVIR Company with the brand of SAYYAL KARAN KAVIR YAZD (Skclamp) by attending domestic and international exhibitions was able to find its target market in the region and now with the development of its logistics infrastructure located in the industrial town of the beautiful city of Mehriz in Yazd province Provide water and sewage departments, oil and petrochemical sites and large industries and countries in the region.

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Administrative team

SAYYAL KARAN Complex is managed by a team of experts in the field of water and wastewater.

سید هادی بلوریان - سیال کاران کویر یزد - skclamp

Seyed Hadi Blourian

CEO - Master of Mechanics
اعضای شرکت - سیال کاران کویر یزد - skclamp

Hossein Askarizadeh

Chairman of the Board - Bachelor of Mechanics
سید مهدی حسینی - سیال کاران کویر یزد - skclamp

Seyed Mehdi Hosseini

Sales Management - Bachelor
اعضای شرکت - سیال کاران کویر یزد - skclamp

Mohammad Reza Mohammadi

Foreign Trade Management - Bachelor of Mechanics
اعضای شرکت - سیال کاران کویر یزد - skclamp

Yousef Zare

Member of the Board and Technical Advisor - Master of Mechanics
اعضای شرکت - سیال کاران کویر یزد - skclamp

Mohammad Sadegh Sadri

Technical Consultant - Bachelor of Mechanics

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Latest projects

SAYYAL KARAN is one of the largest producers of these products in Iran with the ability to produce 18,000 clamps and 100 tons of mechanical equipment made of stainless steel. The largest recent projects implemented by the company are listed below.


Step one

Start building a shed and renting a 200-meter shed

Number of staff: 4 people

Year: 2007

تایم لاین 1 - سیال کاران کویر یزد

Step two

Development of sales market, completion of construction of industrial town shed

Number of staff: 16 people

Year: 2009

تایم لاین 2 - سیال کاران کویر یزد

Step three

Development of international market, start of construction of mechanical equipment

Number of staff: 22 people

Year: ‌ 2013

تایم لاین 3 - سیال کاران کویر یزد

Step four

Infrastructure development, export, supply of quality Iranian goods

Number of staff: 40 people

Year: 2020

تایم لاین 4 - سیال کاران کویر یزد